Some Popular Misconceptions Part 2

For those of you who have been educated by the “Some Popular Misconceptions” preceding this blog, here is another set of popular misconceptions. I believe your ignorance regarding the matter has been abated. Please enjoy my second serving of “abating.” Can dogs perceive color? Did Marie-Antoinette really say “Let them eat cake.”? Is Frankenstein a monster?

Well for the first question, yes, dogs see color. However, we, humans, perceive more colors than these animals. Cone cells determine a being’s color perception. Dogs have central retinas which comprise approximately 20% of the photoreceptors. Meanwhile, in humans, the central retina is 100% cones. Behavior tests also conclude that dogs can distinguish red and blue colors however confuse red and green.  I guess for them, what we humans see is more than what meets the eye(no pun intended).


Another myth I was just recently aware of was the fact that Marie-Antoinette didn’t really say “Let them eat cake.” Shocking? Well, if that myth was taught to you during your history classes and you actually believed it, then I guess it really will make you abashed. I too believed in it at first. I was actually proud of the knowledge that leaves me abashed now. I used to believe that she bravely declared those words the time when her subjects have fallen into the clutches of famine. However, due to my thorough research (yeah I just searched the web), I have come to the conclusion that she didn’t really say it. Many historians also greatly disbelieve in this. Biographer Lady Antonia Fraser lucidly explains this. “It was said 100 years before her by Marie-Therese, the wife of Louis XIV,” Fraser explains. “It was a callous and ignorant statement and she [Marie Antoinette] was neither.” I guess we can say that obtaining plausible information isn’t just a piece of cake(once again, no pun intended).


Who does not know the popular Frankenstein? When we hear the name “Frankenstein”, we would usually think that this being is a not-so-macho Hulk with screws adhered to it. Well, before I started searching for information essential for this blog, I too was ignorant regarding this. I’m glad I learned that Frankenstein was actually the name of the creator of the monster. The monster’s name was originally just “the monster.” Well, at least, now we don’t have to fear getting this information wrong( and again, no pun intended).


The world still has many misconceptions out there. Don’t forget to pack a fresh dose of paranoia and means of searching for valid information.


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 – Sigmund Ervin S. Arce


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