A Blog About Blogs

A blog, according to Merriam-Webster, is a website wherein the author expresses his/her opinions, observations or experiences regarding a certain topic. The innovation mankind has given itself is relatively ravishing. We, individuals, are given the freedom to express abstract ideas and give them a visible form. This visible form may contain a variety of means to deliver information such as text, pictures, and videos. This form also, in return, creates abstract ideas in the readers’ minds. The evanescent blogs, with respect to its readers, leave a relatively subtle mark on the readers’ minds. This concept is greatly similar to other forms of literature and shares the same beauty. Due to modern-day technology, the publication of both important and trivial information has been made more convenient.

Blogs define the bloggers. As I’ve mentioned, these blogs contain both important and trivial information. There is a boundless range of topics growing ad infinitum. However, the greatest knowledge a blog gives its readers is the author’s attitude and aptitude. It subliminally creates the author’s existence to its reader. Humans create their external existence through physical and mental display. Blogs accentuate this external existence through the materialization of a blogger’s mind. It’s really amazing when you ‘think’ about it (no pun intended). Technological advancement further heightens humans’ inherent abilities to publicize their minds.

Blogs also aid in human interaction. Authors and readers unknowingly obtain invisible strings of relation. Consequently, an author becomes a part of the reader’s life, no matter how small the author’s influence may be. Blogs serve as bridges of information for humans even miles away and greatly resemble the “ethers” from classical physics (and yes one shall not misjudge the aforementioned figure of speech solely because ethers are only hypothetical). Blogs serve as transmission media, not of electromagnetic waves, but of human thoughts.

Another beauty in blogs is the unifying fact that they are all blogs no matter how different they are. They share the same identification and the same uniqueness. Blogs have their defining qualities that make them the blogs they are. The same applies to humans- the unifying fact that we’re all human and that we all share the same uniqueness. The range of our unique qualities is deemed infinite however we are unified by this uniqueness. We are all the same despite (and also because) of our differences. I believe we should all give notice to the fact that we are all built for unity.

And lastly, why make a blog about blogs? Originally, the topic being chosen was a mere puerile act. However, due to unconventional insights, the topic has provided me with many lessons in life. And this is its final lesson. This blog stands solely because of other blogs. And it is greatly dependent on the totality of blogs. We, humans, are created by the humans around us. Our personalities depend greatly on others. Hence, our lives, in general, are the combinations of outside influences that affect our sectors of space. Our existence is created by other existences that we interact with. Humans are created by humans. We are all blogs about blogs.


Here is a fine example of what others see as puerile, however it is subject to unconventional insight. Nahhh. It’s just a random video.



-Sigmund Ervin S. Arce